Consumer Credit Information

  • There are over one billion credit reports issued annually

  • Two-thirds of the American economy is driven by consumer spending;

  • Outstanding consumer credit totals $1.7 trillion;
    Credit reporting saves the average person 200 basis points on their mortgage loan

  • On average, every U.S. household owns a car and one-third have a second car

  • The average American has eight credit cards or loans

  • There are 7000 credit card issuers in the U.S. offering more than 27,000 types of payment options.

Client Upload

We are on the money

Thank you for reviewing how Bullseye Collection Agency Inc. is different from other collection agencies.  We do not threaten, harass, intimidate, or attempt to scare people into paying.  We work with people and solve problems


As you may have experienced, some agencies tend to treat all clients and all debtors the same.  We listen to how you want us to handle the collection process and implement that on every file. 


We send regular updates on all your files (including the ones that haven't paid yet).   This update lists the details of our collection efforts including; the date, time of day, and the notes from the conversation.  This way you know the specifics of conversations with the debtor, where we are in the collection process, and when you might expect payment.  These reports enable you to make sure we are representing you exactly as you want us to on every call.  We typically fax or E-mail the report to you every 60 – 90 days.


 Our Collection Rate          30%
(Contingency based, No contracts, No upfront fees)

We can increase your cash flow, reduce your overhead and manage your accounts professionally and ethically.  We guarantee that we will out perform and out service any agency or law firm and only need the opportunity to prove it. 

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